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Organic purple sweet potato treats for dogs with sensitive stomach and skin


What Makes Us Different?👅

The perfect treat for sensitive stomach picky eaters

100% Organic

100% Organic Plant Based High Quality Treats

Los Angeles, USA

Made in small batches in Los Angeles, USA

Human Grade

Natural antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fibers


Support healthy immune & promote gut health

Scientist formulated

Backed by Science

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So, what is ube?🍠

Ube is a species of yam that originated from the Philippines, and is a popular ingredient in Filipino cuisine.

These tasty super potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals, rich in fiber and complex carbs, and provide a safe and nutritious choice for your furry friends!

From Our Customers⭐

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Kaylee M.Customer

We had never tried anything ube before we discovered Ubae! we tried their ubae chips & poppy LOVES them! I love that I can give them to her as a treat or I can crunch them up and add them as a meal topper!


Ubae has done it again!! I’m so glad I was able to grab this for my pup at the playa vista event today. My pup is obsessed! I love how fancy these treats are with the best ingredients!


We love the ubae collagen chips! Luna enjoys hers with enrichment snuffle toys and I like to break a few up and keep in my pocket for training while out and about. Her hair is soft and unlike a typical schnauzer wiry coat which I love!


My Pup Milo loves his Crunchalicious Ubae Chips!! Yummy and Fresh Chips in every bite!💜💜💜

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Why Ubae Is The Best For Your Pup ⭐

Our collagen chips, wagyu chips, and ubae spread

Gut Health

Designed to improve gut health and digestive systems

Excellent Nutrients

Collagen and coconut oil are excellent nutrients for skin, joints, and nails

No preservatives

High in antioxidants and have no preservatives

Relieve anxiety

Perfect for enrichment feeding to relieve anxiety and stimulate mental development in dogs

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